“We cannot wait for the storm to pass over - we must learn to dance in the rain.”

Three Steps To Change The World, By One Who Has Been Exceptionally Successful

Fr. John McCloskey Will Explain -- Catholics@Work, Sept. 8

Buffeted by decades of the dictatorship of political correctness as people of faith we live in challenging times. Humanity's belief in right and wrong has given way to secular relativism, which increasingly justifies behaviors that in the past would have been recognized as immoral.

How can a country founded on Judeo-Christian beliefs and relying on God, today be attacking people who want to live according to their faith?  Simply, we have been bent by an uncompromising minority, whose inconsistent but loud voices attack the concept of right and wrong as being mean and hurtful.

What’s a nation to do?  What can Christians do?

Fr. John McCloskey, the Catholics@Work speaker on Tuesday, Sept. 8, will lay out a realistic solution that all Catholics can embrace and act on.  It is not an academic, theological construct of limited practical use but rather a common sense, doable approach that echoes how early Christians transformed their world from Roman paganism to Christianity. The solution is based on three simple tenets--Knowledge, Faith and Action. And Fr. McCloskey emphasizes that Action is key to success, noting that, as Ben Franklin said, “Well done is better than well said.”

Fr. McCloskey understands that we can’t change the world all at once, but knows that each committed Christian can contribute to changing the world one person at a time. By leveraging his knowledge, faith and by taking action Fr. McCloskey has come in contact with  many prominent Americans whom he accompanied as they converted to Catholicism, including Lawrence Kudlow, Robert Novak, Judge Robert Bork, then-Sen. Sam Brownback, and abortion foe Dr. Bernard Nathanson.Fr. McCloskey will share with us his faith journey and powerful firsthand experience how each person can make a difference.

He is a priest of the Prelature of Opus Dei. He is a Church historian, currently a Research Fellow of the Faith and Reason Institute in Washington, DC, and earlier a chaplain at Princeton University. He received a degree in Economics from Columbia University. After six years working on Wall Street, he studied in Rome and Spain, receiving his doctorate in Theology with a specialty in Church History. He was ordained in 1981.

Diana Nagy, president of Catholics@Work said, “What Fr. McCloskey will talk about is exactly in line with our mission of helping people live their faith in their workplace every day.

“Don’t miss this exciting speaker; his message is critically important, especially in the times we live in today. His call to take action reflects the thinking of St. Thomas More who said, ‘In the things of the soul, knowledge without remembrance profits little.’ And what helps all of us to remember—doing it!”

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Event Details

Date:                         Tuesday September 8, 2015

Location:                  Crow Canyon Country Club in Danville (get directions)

Time:                         The program begins at 7:00 AM and ends sharply at 8:15 AM.

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